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A tabletop game for 2 to 4 players, ages 12 and up. Playtime is between 30 to 60 minutes.

You and your opponents are piloting rescue ships and have descended to a planet that has become infected with a malefic, cosmic spore colony. You want to rescue as much as you can before the spores overrun everything on the planet’s surface. Fly from one location to the next, harvesting planetary Elements that you will eventually use to create a new space colony for the planet’s previous inhabitants.

Present your collection of Elements to the Universal Preservation Council. The pilot with the most impressive collection of harvested Elements will lead the Planetary Parliament in its next phase of existence. Good luck!

Cosmic Spores version 1 was created in 5 days for the Mapemounde 2021 Game Jam event.

You can watch the how-to-play video of Cosmic Spores at this link:


Cosmic Spores version 1

Install instructions

This is a "print n' play" game. You print out and then cut out the components of this game, and then assemble them before play. To sum it up, you will need:

 - One Elements Tracker Sheet ("bonus-chart")
- One or more Player Score Sheets ("score-sheet", three players per page of 8" x 11" paper)
 - One set of Game Cards ("game-cards", total of six pages of 8" x 11" paper)
 - One "Mothership" marker per player, not included
 - 16 small tracking tokens per player, not included
 - OPTIONAL: it may be helpful to tuck the game cards in plastic sleeves. This usually makes them easier to shuffle and more durable.

The most-current version of COSMIC SPORES should be available for download at:


Thank you for checking out Cosmic Spores!

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