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Made for the Secret Santa Jam 2020, here at itch.io . I hope you enjoy your game, Yaymaha!

You can download the standalone version of the game (which is recommended), but you can also play and HTML 5 version of Spidarena here: https://let-off.neocities.org/games/santa2020/index.html

This is a twin-hand shootemup (WASD/ARROW KEYS) you can play in the browser. You're a spider, blasting away at flies  in an arena that increases intensity with every completed stage. Stretch out your web, wrap flies in cocoons, and beware the dangerous pillbug!

Features music by Eric Matyas of soundimage.org .

Enjoy and, "Thank you for play!" [sic]


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Me during the first two stages: Okay, this isn't so hard!
Me during stage 4: NNNNNNGGGGHHH

Really nice use of the spider theming in a way that feels mechanically substantial rather than gimmicky. I especially like growing your web to expand yer territory in the midst of everything else.

Thanks for the kind words, Alex!

I did put plenty of thought in how to use the unique qualities of a spider and its web into the game. It’s cool to see someone else appreciates that. :)

As for the difficulty spike… Well beyond the time constraints I had for the jam, I think a spider would want to lure its victim in slowly but surely, giving them just enough confidence to move forward, deeper and deeper into the spider’s lair, until the only thing left is CERTAIN DOOM.


Heheh, I like the thematic explanation for the difficulty spike! To be fair, I think Bloodjak II's difficulty curve has a similar shape, FWIW.